SCE to Upgrade Manhattan Beach Power Grid

Southern California Edison is making upgrades to the Manhattan Beach electrical grid.  This will affect a large part of home and businesses in this coastal city.  SCE  plans to start mid August in East Manhattan Beach and continue to the other areas identified in the map below.  This project is to eliminate El Porto substation and to provide maintain safe and reliable service to customers in city of Manhattan Beach. The scope of work include overhead pole replacements, underground re-cabling, and installing new vaults.

The process involves upgrading parts of the city distribution grid from 4 KV to 16 KV. During this process they will be removing (660) poles and (154) transformers and replacing them with taller poles and higher voltage transformers. When completed, SCE claims that the power grid will be more reliable with fewer blackouts and brownouts.

The process will take into mid 2015 and will be done block by block. While they are working on a block, the power will be off from a few minutes to maybe as long as most of the day. Their first priority is safety, so while working on replacing poles and wires they may have to shut down a whole block for the whole day.

According to SCE plenty of notice will be given to each property owner via door hangers, e-mails or text messages if you have given them your contact info.

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SCE Construction Map of Manhattan Beach