March 2016 Median Home Prices for Manhattan Beach and the South Bay

By Keith Kyle

The numbers for March are in and it was another big month for home prices and home values in Manhattan Beach.  The median home price in this highly demanded coastal community was $2,275,000 and seems to just keep climbing.  There were 41 homes sold in Manhattan Beach CA or the month which is fairly typical over the past few months.

City Homes
2016 Median
2015 Median
over Year % Change%
Carson 54 $447,500 $426,500 4.9%
El Segundo 10 $1,006,000 $849,000 18.5%
Gardena 58 $475,000 $403,500 17.7%
Harbor City 14 $450,000 $455,000 -1.1%
Hawthorne 36 $513,000 $642,000 -20.2%
Hermosa Beach 16 $1,183,000 $1,310,000 -9.7%
Lawndale 10 $385,000 $447,000 -13.9%
Lomita 11 $530,000 $481,000 10.1%
Long Beach 327 $478,000 $414,000 15.3%
Manhattan Beach 41 $2,275,000 $1,940,000 17.3%
Marina Del Rey 18 $1,025,000 $860,000 19.2%
Palos Verdes Estates 28 $1,355,000 $1,400,000 -3.2%
Playa Del Rey 18 $560,000 $546,000 2.6%
Rancho Palos Verdes 56 $1,156,250 $1,044,500 10.7%
Redondo Beach 89 $893,000 $862,000 3.7%
San Pedro  80 $554,000 $481,000 15.1%
Torrance 133 $615,000 $530,000 16%
Westchester 25 $910,000 $854,000 6.6%

Big Jump In Manhattan Beach Homes for Sale in March

By Keith Kyle

March 2016 saw a pretty significant increase in the number of active homes for sale in Manhattan Beach.  Whereas the prior 18 months had seen a high water mark of 77 homes for sale and had hovered between 50 and 70, the number of homes on the market took a fairly drastic upturn in March with over 100 homes active on the market.  As of this writing in late April, that number didn’t show signs of changing as there are currently 101 homes, townhomes and condos for sale in this coastal community.

Another Big Month in Manhattan Beach Real Estate

By Keith Kyle612 John Street

January 2016 saw another impressive month of home sales and home prices in this luxury coastal community.  Althought median prices were down from the prior month, they were up from a year ago and demand continues to be strong.  Fewer new construction homes were sold this past month which has some concerned about the abundance of current and future new construction projects in Manhattan Beach.

Visit our sales page to see all of the recent home sales in Manhattan Beach and neighboring communities.

City Homes
2016 Median
2015 Median
over Year % Change%
Carson 27 $415,000 $385,000 7.8%
El Segundo 8 $1,074,500 $799,000 34.5%
Gardena 28 $471,000 $399,000 18%
Harbor City 13 $500,000 $454,000 10.1%
Hawthorne 33 $457,000 $500,000 -8.5%
Hermosa Beach 10 $1,783,500 $1,680,000 6.2%
Lawndale 9 $450,000 $430,000 4.7%
Lomita 12 $420,000 $365,000 15.1%
Long Beach 241 $425,000 $406,000 4.7%
Manhattan Beach 22 $1,760,000 $1,675,000 5.1%
Marina Del Rey 16 $1497,000 $855,000 75.1%
Palos Verdes Estates 19 $1,272,000 $1,251,000 1.7%
Playa Del Rey 10 $574,000 $527,000 9.0%
Rancho Palos Verdes 38 $900,000 $1,015,000 -11.3%
Redondo Beach 66 $885,000 $802,000 10.3%
San Pedro 47 $465,000 $450,000 3.4%
Torrance 83 $632,000 $617,000 2.3%
Westchester 22 $880,000 $900,000 -2.2%

205 20th Street – Manhattan Beach Walkstreet Luxury Home For Sale

Brand new to the market, this contemporary home, designed by Louie Tomaro, and built in 2014, offers the best in 205-20th-Manhattan-Beach-Homesluxury coastal living.  Located just a few blocks from the heart of downtown Manhattan Beach, this stunning home offers beautiful open spaces to take full advantage of the seamlessly integrated indoor and outdoor living.  Offering beautiful ocean vistas this home is sure to impress.

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Manhattan Beach Home Sales in February 2015

By Keith Kyle750 30th

February was another month dominated by low housing inventory and rapidly rising prices in the white hot real estate market in Manhattan Beach CA.  While the 19 homes sold in Manhattan Beach was well below the norm, the average sales price was just under $2.0M at $1,999,599.  Of the 19 homes sold there were only 5 sales priced below $1,000,000 consisting of 4 townhomes and one smaller single family home on Valley Dr.

February 2015 home sales in Manhattan Beach

MLS# Type   Address  Price  Bed/Bath Year Sq
SB14241303 TWNHS/A 228 38th ST  $ 2,800,000 3/3,0,1,0 2014/BLD 2175/E
PV15015180 SFR/D 510 23rd ST  $ 2,826,000 4/3,0,1,0 2009/ASR 3202/B
SB15025365 SFR/D 1904 Ocean DR  $ 3,250,000 2/2,0,0,0 2011/ASR 1800/B
SB14238747 SFR/D 2801 Valley DR  $ 985,000 2/1,0,0,0 1951/ASR 965
SB15037754 SFR/D 592 30th ST  $ 1,750,000 3/1,0,0,0 1953/ASR 1578/A
SB14258990 SFR/D 2413 John ST  $ 2,145,000 4/1,1,0,0 1961/ASR 1890/A
SB15007376 SFR/D 1708 Pine AV  $ 2,575,000 5/4,0,1,0 2011/APP 3129/A
SB15014492 SFR/D 3011 Elm AV  $ 3,212,500 5/4,0,1,0 2004/ASR 3600/E
SB15007963 SFR/D 3311 Elm AV  $ 4,569,000 6/3,3,1,0 2014/BLD 5166/B
SB14263986 SFR/D 915 Duncan AV  $ 2,150,000 3/2,0,0,0 1950/ASR 1656/A
PW14241187 SFR/D 864 5th ST  $ 2,900,000 2/2,0,0,0 1967/ASR 1515/A
SB14232744 TWNHS/A 30 Monterey CT  $ 835,000 2/2,0,0,0 1987/EST 1474/B
SB14232476 TWNHS/A 21 Santa Rosa CT  $ 875,000 2/2,0,1,0 1987/ASR 1583/B
SB15036929 TWNHS/A 1315 Manhattan Beach BL #B  $ 668,000 2/2,0,1,0 1986/ASR 1175/A
SB15019298 SFR/D 1901 Lynngrove DR  $ 1,291,875 3/1,0,0,0 1950/ASR 1098/A
SB14246573 SFR/D 1205 Meadows AV  $ 1,450,000 3/2,0,0,0 2014/SEE 1511/SEE
SB14264038 TWNHS/A 1140 Manhattan Beach BL #F  $ 660,000 2/1,1,1,0 1978/ASR 1197/A
SB14251202 SFR/D 1747 2nd ST  $ 1,335,000 3/2,0,0,0 1952/ASR 1442/A
SB15015200 SFR/D 1540 2nd ST  $ 1,715,000 4/3,0,0,0 1953/ASR 2840/A

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Days on Market On the Rise in the Tree Section of Manhattan Beach

By Keith KyleManhattan Beach homes

In this ultra hot market any sign that things are slowing down is big news.  While the market is still very favorable for sellers we are noticing that many homes in the tree section of Manhattan Beach seem to be sitting on the market for a little longer.  The current average for “active” listings (those not sold or in escrow) is 56.  The number can be a bit misleading due to the fact the local MLS days on market continue to accrue if a home that is in escrow posts as “backup” status.  The number of days on market has risen every month since August of 2014 with a slightly higher number in January.  As inventory slowly rises the days on market will likely follow.  See all of the latest Manhattan Beach real estate market trends at our updated statistic pages.

Only 25 Homes for Sale in All of Manhattan Beach

While the market is always slow over the holidays and homeowners often take their homes off of the market for a few weeks, the inventory in 1740 2ndManhattan Beach has reached a new low.  As of January 5th there are only 28 homes for sale in all of Manhattan Beach.

Compare that with a high of 189 homes for sale in May of 2010 and you can see just how drastic the market changes have been.  Even the summer months (with traditionally the highest inventory as it’s a peak buying season) had 68 homes for sale during the months of July and August.

So what does this mean?…..well that depends on which side of the market you’re on

For sellers the demand is incredible.  Prices are at peak levels, sellers are receiving multiple offers on homes priced at market value, buyers are willing to overlook the usual challenges such as busy streets, homes needing updates, and homes with ideal locations or potential are having some amazing bidding wars.  See our recent post on the walkstreet, half lot home that sold for almost $600K over list price.  If homeowners have given any thought to selling their home, regardless of area, condition and location, it’s an ideal time to sell.

For buyers the market has been incredibly challenging with some buyers simply taking a break from the madness. Builders are buying any home in Manhattan Beach that hasn’t been built in the past 25 years at big numbers, buyers are lined up in certain neighborhoods waiting for the next listing to hit the market (if the home even hits the market as pocket listings are becoming more common in this market) and entry level homes no longer exist.

In this market buyers have to be aggressive if they really want to own a home in Manhattan and need to be even more aggressive for premier properties.  Knowing about homes the minute they hit the market, or even before is critical and understanding pricing can make all the difference.

Contact us if you are an eager seller, or frustrated buyer, as we have a deep understanding of the market and can certainly help.