Those trees, those trees, those wonderful trees

By Keith KyleManhattan Beach Tree Section Homes

One of the more popular areas in Manhattan Beach is the tree section.   It has a great community feel, sits west of Sepulveda (meaning it’s closer to the beach and no major streets need to be crossed to get there), offers some of the best schools in the state and larger homes than in the sand section.

So why is it called the tree section you ask?  It must be all of those trees…..

While there are more trees in the tree section than in other parts of Manhattan Beach, that’s not why the area has this unique name.  The name is actually derived from the street names.  Streets such as Walnut, Pine, Oak, Palm and Elm make up the bulk of the streets that travel north and south.

Regardless of the name it’s one of the more sought after neighborhoods in all of the South Bay.  Visit our tree section homes for sale page to see the current MLS listings.