Sand Section Home Values Skyrocket – 2014 vs 2013

By Keith Kylestrand homes

2014 saw huge gains in home values throughout Manhattan Beach but the sand section, the area closest to the ocean, surpassed previous peak values as demand skyrocketed.  The median home price in 2014 for the sand section was $2,277,500 with an average sales price of a whopping $3,111,263.  In all 112 homes sold in this highly sought after coastal community.

While 2013 was a strong year it contrasted considerably with 2014 with a median home price of $1,930,000 and an average sales price of $2,438,000.  The average sales price in the sand section increased year over year by and astounding 27.6%  in one year.

The sand section is the part of Manhattan Beach located closest to the beach and encompasses the oceanfront homes on “The Strand”.

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